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Treatments, Test Kits, Applicator Tools & Traps – the management of pests in and around your hive is one of the most important things you can do to ensure hive survival.

There are many pests / diseases that can impact the bees including: mites, wax moths, nosema, foulbrood, hive beetles, mice, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and many others.

In particular, you need to monitor your mite levels and apply treatments when necessary. Varroa mites are the most serious threat facing honeybees today. Mites not only kill bees and weaken colonies but are responsible for the spread of and increased prevalence of viruses in colonies. The result of this combination of mites and virus infection is called Parasitic Mite Syndrome (PMS). To successfully keep bees today you need to monitor the levels of mites in the hive and keep the levels low. In general, if mite levels get above 3 to 4 percent, the colony needs to be treated.

Management of this hive pest it crucial and we cannot stress it enough. We believe that if you are not monitoring for Varroa mites, and treating when necessary, you are harming your bees and reducing their chance of survival.

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