Local Queen Bees for Sale in Chicago

Mated Queen Bees

Our queen honey bees are produced locally from survivor stock in our Minooka, IL mating yard (currently several hundred mating nucs).    Each spring we evaluate our apiaries and select a handful of top quality colonies with the traits below.   The selected mother queens from these colonies are grafted from to produce daughter queens which we mate in our Minooka IL apiary.

  • Colony and mother queen must survive one or more Chicagoland winters
  • Colony must have produced 125+ pounds of excess honey in prior year
  • Colony must have a gentle temperament and be easy to work
  • Colony must show mite and disease resistance  


Drone Production Colonies

We work with neighbors surrounding our mating yard to create a ring of desirable drones 1/2 to 3 miles out.  The drone colonies flood the area with drones to ensure the daughter queens are well mated.


Queen Evaluation

The new queens laying patterns are evaluated before offering them for sale.  We watch for a solid capped brood pattern and any spotty pattern queens are removed.

Queen Bee Evaluation in Chicago


Local Queens for Pickup and Shipping

Mated / marked Illinois queen bees are $35 throughout the spring, summer and fall and are available for pickup as well as shipping.  Call 815-521-9116 or email dave@meyerbees.com for details and to arrange a purchase.


Bee packages and nucs are available seasonally.






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