Meyer Bees stocks all common hive setup and beekeeping parts:

  • woodenware items: 10-frame, 8-frame, 5-frame and custom
  • aluminum clad top covers and inner covers
  • bottom boards: solid and screened
  • excluders: woodbound metal, metal and plastic
  • feeders: boardman, frame and top
  • assembled and unassembled frames
  • foundation: plastic rite-cell, wax, wax with wire reinforced, wax with hooks, virgin cut-comb wax, small cell, etc.
  • swarm traps and swarm lures
  • queen rearing supplies

Hive beekeeping parts can be purchased unassembled to save on costs, or can be purchased assembled and painted.

We carry feed supplements for use with sugar syrup, feed patties for wintertime, pollen patties for brood buildup with 18% protein, protein powders and miscellaneous other feed supplements.

Clothing available for purchase include veils, jackets, hats, gloves, full suits, etc.

Hive management tools available include smokers, hive tools, scrapers, brushes, smoker fuel, etc.

Pest control / treatments for hive beetles, mites, wax moths, etc.  includes test kits as well as many of the top brand treatments.

Honey harvesting and bottling supplies including both glass and plastic bottles, uncapping tools, buckets, uncapping/storage tanks, extractors, etc.

Queen rearing supplies available include queen rearing frames, cell cups, cages, cell protectors, queen catchers, mating nucs, grafting tools, marking pens, etc.   Keeping strong productive queens is a good apiary management technique.

Any beekeeping equipment item from the Mann Lake catalog – big or small – can be picked up from our Minooka, Illinois location.  Beekeeping equipment orders are placed and received on a weekly basis.  Custom orders take only a week on average to arrive.

Need help or have questions on hive setup or apiary management of existing hives/sites?  Contact us at 815-521-9116 or email