Honey Uncapping Tank


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Honey Uncapping Tank is a truly remarkable multi-purpose uncapping and straining unit at the most reasonable price found anywhere! Made of high-density polyurethane and stores up to 10 deep or shallow frames for uncapping with a convenient lid for storage.

Honey Uncapping Tank Features:

  • metal strainer grid that fits in the bottom to help separate wax capping’s from honey
  • dual unit stacks one way for uncapping and when reversed 180 degrees becomes a strainer tank
  • holds 8 gallons (30.24 l)
  • includes wooden cross bar with small metal spike for holding frames while uncapping
  • comes complete with honey gate
  • measures 24-inch length by 16-34-inch width by 16-inch height

Optional wire frame holder gives you a place to put your frames as you uncap them.

Weight 400 oz
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 10 in