Feed, Stimulants, Pollen Substitutes & Lures

Feed and Pollen Substitutes, Stimulants & Lures are a regular practice among beekeepers. Our feeder products give you a range of options to administer solid and liquid feeds both with and without protein (to stimulate brood production). These are the typical reasons why a beekeeper would want to feed:

  • If starting packages or nucs on new equipment. Using feed and pollen substitutes supports comb building and brood production.
  • Feed to prevent spring starvation if honey reserves have been depleted and early flowers are delayed by bad weather.
  • If there is a lack of stores going into the fall. Feeding is often necessary to supplement honey stored in the fall to provide enough resources for the winter.
  • If emergency feeding is needed during the winter a solid feed such as winter patties or fondant is necessary.

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