Meyer Bees stocks all common honey bee related items, beekeeping supplies and accessories:

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The items listed below are stocked at the Minooka IL showroom and we are currently working on adding them to the website for visibility purposes. We handle products from many different vendors:

– woodenware items: 10-frame, 8-frame, 5-frame and custom
– top covers and inner covers: aluminum clad, polystyrene, plastic, copper, etc.
– bottom boards: solid, screened, wood, polystyrene and plastic varieties
– excluders: woodbound metal, metal and plastic
– feeders: boardman, frame, top, community, etc. for both syrup and pollen
– feed items: pollen substitutes, feed patties (18% protein brood builder and 4% winter), fondant cubes and patties, candy boards, high fructose corn syrup, additives / feed supplements, spirulina, etc.
– assembled and unassembled beehive frames
– foundation: plastic waxed rite-cell, plastic with triple-wax, standard beeswax, wax with wire reinforced, wax with hooks, virgin cut-comb wax, small cell, etc.
– swarm traps and swarm lures (vials, sprays and long term attractants)
– queen rearing supplies: cell cups, grafting tools, cell bars, mating nucs, etc.
– complete line of clothing including ventilated suits / jackets, gloves, veils, etc.
– beekeeping tools: smokers, hive tools, brushes, frame grips, etc.
– complete line of treatments for all seasons: MAQS, Hopguard, Apiguard, Apivar, Oxalic Acid, and many more options including treatment applicator tools
– honey bottling equipment with 30+ styles of glass and plastic bottles in stock
– extracting equipment including manual and motorized options
– beeswax and candle making supplies
– local raw honey in bottles and bulk, selection of varietal honey from across North America is also available
– large selection of beekeeping books covering many topics: beginners, advanced topics, honey and wax items

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