Bee packages are for sale and available in early spring.  We head to Georgia for a week or so for each “batch” of packages.  During this time we shake the bees for the packages, fill feed cans, catch and mark mated queens and assemble all the package pieces.  Once everything is ready, we truck all the packages back to Chicago, IL in a climate controlled vehicle.  From start to finish, the bees are quickly run through the “package process” to minimize stress and get them to customers quickly.

We are now taking orders for 2019 bee packages.  Call 815-521-9116 or email to place an order.

In early spring and throughout the summer, we perform splits on bee hives across all of our Illinois apiaries to produce 5-frame nucs for sale.  The splits are then transported to our main site in Minooka where we add a marked and mated queen.  The 5-frame nuc are then built up over several weeks to contain 2-3 frames of brood, 1-2 frames of honey/pollen and a large number of foragers.  Once a nuc box is of the correct strength, it is available for customers to purchase.

We will have 2019 nucs available.  Call 815-521-9116 or email for details.



*** 2019 BEE PACKAGES, NUCS AND Queens – pre-order now!

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