Meyer Bees Info and History

Phone: 815-521-9116
Map: Click here for map to Meyer Bees

The Meyer Bees crew started out back in 2004 and have been beekeeping for 17+ years, starting out as hobbyists. We have grown to not only manage our own hives and honey but also provide apiary services to many local farms in the area.  All aspects of beekeeping are provided from early stages (hive setup, management, refurbishing), maintenance stages (splits, monitoring growth, checking for diseases/pests, adding supers, requeening), honey production (adding supers, pulling supers, extracting, bottling) and overwintering (monitoring and feeding when necessary).  Overwintering and queen rearing have been newer challenges being undertaken.  One of our goals is to provide cold-hearty queens to customers.

Meyer Bees Crew below – Cathy, Tim, Dave and Katie. Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing from you!!!