Blossom Honey / Varietal Honey

Blossom Honey is created when the bees forage on a single nectar source creating a varietal honey with the unique character of that flower. There are several flowers that are abundant enough to produce varietal honey. A good selection of blossom honey can found in our Honey Advent Calendar Sampler.

Tips on Getting Beekeeping Equipment Ready Before Bees Arrive

Preparing for your bees before they arrive will make things go much smoother on bee installation day.   Having all necessary beekeeping equipment, tools, bee colony feed, protective gear ready as well as the beehive site already setup with hive setup greatly speeds up installation and reduces stress on the bees and the beekeeper alike.  Picking …

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Installing Bee Nucs

Installing 5-frame bee nucs and moving the frames and bees from a nuc box into your full sized hive equipment is a fairly straightforward process. However, there is room for error that can cause your nuc to potentially stall and get off to a slow start.  In this article, we will step through the process. …

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