Anel Division Board Frame Feeder


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Anel Division Board Frame Feeder with floats introduced in the 1970s by Mr. Emmanuel Pantelakis, founder of ANEL.  He designed and built this revolutionary type of narrow frame feeder and this invention has received a Silver Award from APIMONDIA.

  • The only division board feeder that fills from bottom to top
  • There is no need to empty it of bees or old syrup before filling it
  • Special plastic floaters, right and left, protect the bees from drowning
  • The inner walls have indentations to allow the bees to easily climb up
  • Very thin division board feeder design takes up same space as one standard Langstroth deep frame
  • Holds approx .75 gallons
  • Ideal for feeding in hives where queen rearing is applied due to narrow frame feeder design

TIP: In winter you can use the Anel Division Board Frame Feeder to narrow the space available to the bees and insulate the colony from the side.

An alternate version of frame feeder is available here -> Anel medium bee frame feeder

See Anel for additional details.

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 1 in