Anel Medium Bee Frame Feeder


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Anel Medium Bee Frame Feeder is a simple and easy to use division board feeder. Inside there are special indentations for the bees to easily climb up but it is recommended to use some kind of floating material (wood, etc) for avoiding the drowning of bees. In order to refill it you have to empty it of any bee debris. The solid internal structure averts deformation (swelling / bowing of the frame feeder plastic) when filling the medium bee frame feeder.

This Anel medium bee frame feeder is unique:

  • occupies the same width as regular medium frame
  • no need to make extra room for the feeder by removing frames or wedging the feeder in making all the frames tight to the hive box
  • durable plastic construction
  • bee frame feeders can be stacked during storage

We carry a similar thin frame feeder for deep frames here – Deep Frame Feeder

See the Anel site for more info Anel

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 1 in