Temp Queen Pheromone with QMP


Temp Queen Pheromone with QMP will improve queen rearing success.    The Queen Mandibular Pheromone (QMP) regulates all aspects of worker bees in the hive.   In nature, QMP induces a retinue of workers around the queen.

Temp Queen is a tube containing a plastic matrix.   The synthetic five-component QMP is embedded in this matrix.   Workers contact the pheromone and it is distributed throughout the hive which makes the colony queenright.   The lure can be used in various applications in beekeeping.

TempQueen (simulates an egg laying queen) used in queen mating nuclei in early spring can maintain significantly higher bee numbers than in nucs with no TempQueen.   Insert one lure in each mating nuclei when it is established or when the queen cell is inserted. 

Temp Queen Pheromone with QMP Techniques:

  • Can be used in queenless hives while waiting for a mated queen to arrive (supresses queen rearing)
  • Contains QMP (queen mandibular pheromone) to mimic the presence of a queen
  • Can be used in queenless packages of bees to calm them and trick them into thinking they have a queen
  • Easy to use and install


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10 pack, 50 pack