Apitablet is for beekeepers looking for a natural solution and an easy way to supplement their bee’s diet, The Api Tablet is the perfect solution. The tablet is an all-natural food supplement for honey bees that contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, natural essential oils, and sugars. As honey bees are important pollinators, it is important to their health and productivity that they are given the right nutrients to thrive.  Can be easily applied by simply placing one tablet on top of frames in each brood box, twice 30 days apart in the Fall and once in the Spring.

Not only is Apitablet simple and easy to use, but it is also an excellent addition to a beekeeper’s integrated pest management program (IPM). As it is all-natural and does not contain any chemical preservatives, there are no negatives to using Apitablet. Additionally, the tablet is produced it in the USA so beekeepers can be sure that it meets the highest standards of quality. Therefore, beekeepers can use the tables confidently to provide bees with the necessary nutrients they need to stay healthy and productive.

When used correctly, Apitablet can give beekeepers peace of mind, knowing that they’re providing their hives with essential vitamins and minerals. Apitablet is the perfect supplement for beekeepers looking for a natural way to help their bees thrive, thus helping them build healthier hives and more productive fields. Buy Apitablet today to get the essential nutrients your bees need and keep them healthy! Order now!

Features of Apitablet:

  • Available in 10 tablet packs
  • Convenient packaging to share with fellow beekeepers
  • Nutritional food source for bees including sugars, amino acids, minerals and essential oils
Weight 36 oz