Vitamin B Healthy


Vitamin B Healthy is used as a feeding supplement to provide honey bees with essential vitamins and minerals providing nutrients vital for honey bee health to help build strong colonies for maximum honey production and pollination.

  • Can be used alone in syrups, mixed in protein patties and along with HONEY B HEALTHY® (Original or Plus) and AMINO-B BOOSTER® to help strengthen colonies weakened from disease, pesticides and pollen stress.
  • Helps to build up weak, over-winterized colonies, packages, nucs and swarms.
  • Vitamin B Healthy is especially beneficial and helpful when bees are producing brood and available pollen sources are limited or are lacking essential vital nutrients causing dying yellowing (snot) brood and dwindling colonies.

Made in the USA and produced in a modern, state of the art FDA licensed food manufacturing laboratory under strict cGMP guidelines.

See the HoneyBHealthy website for details.   For other Honey B Healthy products click here.

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in