Fondant Cube


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Fondant cube containing 90/10 (sugar to corn syrup).  If your bees are running low on stored honey consider using fondant as an alternate to raw sugar, candy slabs, winter patties, etc.     Great feed item for bees during winter as it has lots of carbohydrates in an easy to deliver form.

  • Help the bees in fueling / generating the energy they need.
  • Available in 50 pound blocks
  • Available is custom blocks 1 pound and up
  • Can be formed into custom patty’s for easy installing.

Utilize the fondant knife for cutting through the blocks.  Contact us for details.

A fondant cube is formed by supersaturating water with sucrose. More than twice as much sugar dissolves in water at the boiling point than at room temperature.  After the sucrose dissolves, if the solution is left to cool undisturbed, the sugar remains dissolved in a supersaturated solution until nucleation occurs.

While the solution is supersaturated, if a cook puts a seed crystal (undissolved sucrose) into the mix, or agitates the solution, the dissolved sucrose crystallizes to form large, crunchy crystals (which is how rock candy is made). However, if the cook lets the solution cool undisturbed and then stirs it vigorously, it forms many tiny crystals, resulting in a smooth-textured fondant.

The fondant can be formed into a fondant cube or other shape for easy storage.

Weight 350 oz

1 lb, 10 lb, 50 lb