Spacing Shim (Imirie) & Vented Shim with Screens


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Spacing Shims:

Imirie shim = is designed specifically to improve brood chamber congestion, which in turn helps to reduce swarming. A Shim also aids honey production by providing an additional entrance/exit to honey supers. The shim should only be placed between supers with drawn comb.   The spacing shim can be used to add a gap for pollen patties or winter feed patties.  Approx. 3/4″ high shim.   Assembly required, includes nails and easy to follow instructions.

Vented Shim w/Screens = increase ventilation at the top of the hive with this vented super for 10-frame hives. Great for improving air circulation within the hive for both winter and summer use, and can help control bearding. Each side of the spacing shim has screened vent holes for additional air ventilation/circulation in the hive. We recommend using this ventilated super with our hive top feeders.  Approx. 1.5″ height shim.  Assembled and ready to install.

  • Vented super for both 8 FRAME and 10 FRAME hives
  • Each side of the spacing shim has multiple screened vent holes to promote circulation
  • Can help prevent bearding
  • Recommended for use with hive top feeders

** Both available for 10 FRAME and 8 FRAME equipment.

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8 frame, 10 frame


spacing shim with no screens, vented shim with screens