Honeybee High Fructose Corn Syrup / HFCS


Honeybee High Fructose Corn Syrup  / HFCS is an enzymatically modified, crystal-clear corn syrup with the sweetness and calories approximately equal to a sugar solution. Although HFCS is not a sucrose product, it performs many similar functions as sugar, chiefly the “clean” sweetening of beverages, pickles, ketchup, dairy products, baked goods, and a host of food and liquid products.


  • HFCS 42 contains 42% fructose.
  • HFCS 42 is a bit sweeter than traditional sugar, due to the percentage of fructose – an extremely sweet substance


  • As the name implies, HFCS 55 contains 55% fructose
  • High-fructose corn syrup 55 is nearly 25% sweeter than traditional sugar and is commonly added to soft drink, often, less is required due to its enhanced sweetness
  • HFCS 55 is the most popular form of high-fructose corn syrup

Honeybee High Fructose Corn Syrup is typically the HFCS 55 type and a very popular food for feeding honeybees in packages as well as in the hive.   The HFCS mixes easily with additives like Honey-B-Healthy and Pro Health.   These additives make the syrup even more attractive!

Shelf Life of HFCS: Pails, Drums & Totes is 1 year; Tank loads is 6 months. With long-term storage, there is a tendency for color formation. Elevated storage temperatures will accelerate the color formation process. Storage at temperatures below ambient temperatures may lead to the development of crystals from the Dextrose component of the HFCS.  Periodic examination of the stored HFCS is recommended.

NOTE that our honeybee high fructose corn syrup product is designed for use with beekeeping and not necessarily for other uses (cooking, mixing with other food products, etc.) as the equipment we use for storage and transport is dedicated to beekeeping and may contain traces of honey and other batches of HFCS, Pro Sweet, etc.

** Call for current pricing on drums and totes. We can custom fill syrup cans.  Contact us for details.

Weight 1000 oz
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5 gallon pail HFCS type 55 bee feed, 55 gallon drum HFCS type 55 bee feed, 275 gallon tote HFCS type 55 bee feed