Burlap Smoker Fuel


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Burlap Smoker Fuel can be used to creates a properly packed and lit smoker which can last all day.   But not if you aren’t using the right fuel.   This untreated burlap is a favorite among beekeepers everywhere.   It produces cool, white smoke, is easy to light and stays lit. Available in a 2-lb. chopped burlap package or full bags.   Untreated burlap remnants.   Easy to light.   Produces cool, white smoke.


Burlap Smoker fuel is available in several styles =

  • 2 pound bag of chopped burlap in small pieces approx. 3″ x 3″ each
  • 2 x full burlap sacks with various brand screen prints on them (huge selection available), approx.  27″ x 40″ (sizes may vary by a few inches), empty bags weigh approx. 2 pounds but can vary by 1/4 pound up or down in weight.  These are used bags and have been “cut” open at the coffee shop.  This option is 2 bags which weigh in total approx. 3 to 4 pounds.  Exact printing on full sacks will vary.


Weight 32 oz
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2 pounds chopped burlap for smoker fuel, 2 full burlap bags for smoker fuel (approx. 4 pounds)