Kent Williams Style Combo Hive Tool


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Kent Williams Style Combo Hive Tool merges the bent hive tool and the j-hook hive tool into one unit.  Gives you the best features of both tools!   Pry loose frames with the bent scraper and pop them out with the hook.   For many beekeepers, the KW hive tool is their tool of choice.   Hive tools are a must-have for any beekeeper, as they are good for removing nails, scraping away debris and paint, as well as prying apart stubborn hive bodies and frames.   They are helpful in numerous ways in and out of the bee yard, honey house, and workshop.  This combo tool is sometimes referred to as the Kent Williams “outlaw” tool or the Kiwi combo hive tool.   If you are looking for the separate tools you can find the j hook hive tool here and the bent hive tool here.

The Kent Williams Style Combo Hive Tool Features:

  • Kelly bee hive tool
  • J Hook beehive tool
  • Flat end scraper tool
  • Convenient nail puller
  • All of the above tools combined into one unit
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Developed by outlaw master beekeeper Kent Williams
  • Exact color may vary from photo
  • We have been having trouble sourcing the “original” tool and have found this tool (silver photos) which matches closely the original design
  • Approximately 10″ long

See this cool article from Bee Culture on various hive tools from the past 100 or so years – Best Hive Tool?

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 8 × 1 × 1 in