J Hook Hive Tool


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J hook hive tool for working beehive frames.  The J hook beehive tool end allows using leverage to pry frames that are stuck in place.   The long handle gives you the extra force needed to “break” stubborn propolis stuck frames from the frame rest.   Scraper end of the j-hook tool helps with cleaning and manipulating frames.

The J hook hive tool features:

  • 10.5″ tempered steel
  • Multi-functional bee hive tool
  • Large “J” hook end for prying frames (jhook)
  • Scraper end can be used sideways to pry frames apart
  • Nail puller at one end or could be used as a hanging hook
  • The j tool end is painted red for easy visibility
Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 9 × 1 × 1 in