Queen Marking Pen


Queen marking pen.   Oil based paint marker which dries quickly.    Standard queen colors are available: white, yellow, red, green and blue.  Product brand may vary.

Use the following chart to determine the standardized queen marking pen color for a particular year :  (match up the year ending digit to the color list below)

  • 6 or 1 White
  • 7 or 2 Yellow
  • 8 or 3 Red
  • 9 or 4 Green
  • 0 or 5 Blue

Examples:   2022 would be yellow, 2023 would be red, etc.

You can utilize a queen push in marking cage or a queen marking tube to hold the queen while you mark her.   If you are comfortable handling queens you can utilize a queen muff to work and mark the queen with your bare hands.

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white, yellow, green, red, blue