Queen Push In Marking Cage


Queen push in marking cage.   Marking your queen is important for locating her in a busy colony and for knowing her age.  This metal or plastic marking disc is designed to gently trap your queen against the comb for easy marking.   The teeth ringing the edge are spaced apart so that the queen cannot go between them.     Mark your queen through the mesh, and allow the mark to dry a bit before releasing her.

  • Disc makes it easy to mark your queen right against the comb
  • Made of metal or plastic (color may vary)
  • Mesh makes it easy to see and mark the queen
  • Queen push in marking cage teeth are spaced in such a way that the queen cannot move between them
  • Allow mark to dry for a bit before releasing queen

Note: queen marking pens and/or queen marking numbers sold separately

Note: Although you can mark your queen with whatever color you wish, most beekeepers use the international queen marking color code to show which year their queen was introduced into the colony.

  • White: Years ending in 1 and 6
  • Yellow: Years ending in 2 and 7
  • Red: Years ending in 3 and 8
  • Green: Years ending in 4 and 9
  • Blue: Years ending in 5 and 10
Weight 5 oz
Dimensions N/A

plastic, metal