Ultimate Gripper


Ultimate Gripper  is the only ergonomic multi-tool that grips, lifts and separates frames, wood or plastic, to make hive inspection faster and easier.

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Ultimate Gripper works with any sized frames: Wood or Plastic.
Ergonomic EZ-Grip™ handle is comfortable to hold and grip.
Hooks on gripper plates; keep frames from slipping
Large gripper plates hold frames securely
No metal to rust or seize; self-lubricating pivot pins
Internal stop prevents pinching hand when gripping
Handle stop keeps gripper from opening too wide
Soft acting stainless steel spring returns gripper to open position
Lightweight, but super strong and tough.
Engineering grade glass filled Technopolymer for long life and durability.
Proudly ‘Made in USA’
Patent Pending

True Multi-Tool – Grip it once and use it 3 ways:
Hook lifts ears of frame from rabbet in top of hive box
Blade separates frames
Ultimate Gripper plate allows for easy lifting


Made in the USA from recycled materials by Bee Smart Designs.