Apiguard Mite Treatment


Apiguard Mite Treatment is a slow-releasing thymol miticide. It is a natural treatment that is easy to use. Note: This product is not approved for use during a honey flow. See instructions and packaging for more details.

  • Efficacy between 85% – 95%
  • Apiguard temperature range is between 60°F & 100°F
  • Use 2 – 50 g treatments per hive with an interval of 14 days in the summer months just after the honey flow
  • Natural treatment
  • Do not use during honey flow
  • Requires a 3/4″ gap between the hive boxes and / or top cover for the treatment to fit in – utilize a spacing shim to add the gap if needed

Apiguard is a sophisticated, patented slow release gel that ensures correct dosage of its active ingredient, thymol. Thymol is a naturally occurring substance derived from the plant thyme.   Has no harmful effect on the honeybee colony: neither on brood nor on adults. In regulatory terms, the EC maximum residue limit of Apiguard has been classified as “No MRL necessary” because of its low toxicity and hive residue profile.

How Apiguard Mite Treatment works:

Once in place, vapor from the Apiguard gel is given off. Unlike some other formulations and raw crystals, the release from the gel works steadily and does not disturb the bees unduly.  Apiguard temperature range restrictions are less restrictive and  product can be used in higher temperatures than many other treatments.

How to use Apiguard instructions:

  1. Apply one tray (dose) on day zero to the upper brood box in the corner
  2. Worker bees climb into the Apiguard tray and remove the gel as a hive-cleaning behavior and distribute it throughout the colony
  3. The gel sticks to the bees’ body hairs and, as the bees move through the hive, particles are left throughout the hive
  4. The worker eventually throws out the gel it is carrying, but the traces remain until they too are removed later
  5. Apply a second Apiguard mite treatment tray (dose) on day 10 to 15 (depending on when the tray is empty) and allow the process above to repeat

Note: If you are ordering medication in advance, please contact us to determine the manufacture / expiration date of our current inventory.

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4 pack (25 g), 10 pack (50 g), tub (3 kg)