Checkmite+ is used to control varroa mite — remove honey supers before application of CheckMite+ Strips and DO NOT REPLACE UNTIL 14 DAYS AFTER THE STRIPS ARE REMOVED. Use one strip for each five combs of bees in each brood chamber (Langstroth deep frames or equivalent in other sizes). Hang the strips in separate spaces between the combs as near the center of the bee/brood cluster as possible. If two deep brood chambers are used for the brood nest, hang the CheckMite+ Strips in both the top and bottom brood chambers.


Checkmite+ for Varroa Treatment:

  • Treatment is most effective when brood rearing is lowest
  • Treat all infested colonies within the yard
  • Use 1 strip for every 5 frames of bees
  • Remove strips after 42-45 days

The only product approved to treat for SHB inside the hive!

Hive Beetle treatments must be applied at a time when bees are not producing a surplus honey crop and honey supers have been removed. Use one strip of CheckMite+ per hive. Remove honey super before the application of Checkmite+ strips. DO NOT REPLACE HONEY SUPERS UNTIL 14 DAYS AFTER THE STRIPS ARE REMOVED. Chemical resistant gloves must be worn when handling the strips or the prepared cardboard inserts with the attached strips. DO NOT use leather gloves (i.e.: leather beekeeping gloves) when handling this product. Just before application, remove the required number of CheckMite + strips from the pouch. Unused strips should remain in the original package.


Checkmite+ for Small Hive Beetle Treatment:

  • Use a ground drench in addition to CheckMite+™
  • Use 1 strip cut in half then attached to a 5″ x 5″ corrugated square
  • Also, can be cut into small pieces and used inside Beatle Barns along with a small piece of pollen patty as an attractant
  • Remove strips after 42-45 days

Note: If you are ordering medication in advance, please contact us to determine the expiration date of our current inventory.

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10 pack, 100 pack