Queen Confinement Cage / Frame Trap


Queen Confinement Cage is used to trap the queen for producing properly aged larvae for grafting and also for varroa mite control.    This unit is also known as a frame trap.   Worker bees are able to squeeze through the wire excluder material but queens and drones cannot.

Queen Confinement Cage Options:


Varroa Mite Control

  1. Confine the queen on an empty comb and place in the queen confinement cage
  2. After 7 days, remove the frame and substitute another frame with the queen trapped again
  3. After 18 days, both frames will be full of sealed brood and, hopefully, full of varroa mites trapped with the only brood available to them
  4. Remove both frames and place in a freezer to kill the mites

Queen Isolation for Egg Laying / Larvae Harvest 

  1. Confine the queen on an open brood comb frame and place in the queen confinement trap
  2. After 3 days, remove the confinement cage from the frame
  3. Monitor this frame and over the next few days you will have emerged young larvae that are the perfect age for grafting into queen cell cups


Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 2 in