Battery Powered Bucket Backpack Bee Vacuum


Battery Powered Bucket Backpack Bee Vacuum unit is built for the rugged environment of doing honey bee removals.  Large 7 gallon bucket will hold 50k bees with near zero deaths. The motor is powerful, normal bee-sucking speed is about 50%, and 100% power is great for clearing a hose clog sucking up a swarm quickly (careful, it can suffocate them). The 7 foot hose will reach about anywhere you want. The 18” nozzle will reach up between comb and suck up the bees. The battery will run for 6+ hours, and most customers get 8+ hours of runtime on a single charge (lithium ion battery). This battery is rated for 500 cycles at 80% discharge, so it will last a long, long time. The gate valve on the side is vented, so when done, you can pull the hose and close it, but still allow a light airflow to keep the bees cool and provide fresh air. The AC charger is powerful enough to run the fan in the rare chance you drain the battery. It has a simple red / green LED to indicate when charging & when the battery is full.   There are several models of the swarm removal Everything Bee Vacuums available.

Reasons to own an Everything Battery Powered Bee Vacuum:

  • Tired of hauling a generator or dragging long extension cords?
  • Tired of spending 10 minutes assembling your hive body vacuum?
  • And later your straps slip & you start again?
  • Tired of killing bees during a honey bee removal because you had too much vacuum pressure?
  • Tired of bees flying off when you try to put them in a hive?
  • If you have done a cutout, you know how helpful a bee vacuum can be.

The Battery Powered Bucket Backpack Bee Vacuum is sometimes referred to as the BPBBBV  🙂

See videos of the basics on how to use the battery powered Everything Bee Vacuum here ->   Video 1  &  Video 2

This next video is  an unedited video of a cutout using The Everything Bee Vacuum.  It shows from first opening the underside of a mobile home through reuniting the bees and their brood.  Even though the swarm removal bee vaccuum is only a couple of feet away, it’s nearly inaudible over the bees.  The pressure is set at about 50% for this fairly hot cutout.  Also note how easily the bees are put with their brood without bees escaping everywhere at the end.

See the video here -> Video 3

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