Varroa Easy Check CO2 Injection


Varroa Easy Check CO2 Injection system uses CO2 which renders the mites and bees unconscious from exposure to carbon dioxide gas. The sample of anesthetized bees is then gently shaken in the EasyCheck, causing the mites to fall from the bees.   The mite count is performed just like in the other methods by counting the sleeping mites in the yellow cap compartment of the varroa easy check canister (varroa easy check canister is not included with CO2 injector).

Usage instructions for CO2 varroa mite testing (see attached photo):

  1. Place 300 bees into the main clear canister
  2. Cover bees with the white mesh / filter piece with all the small holes and snap it in place to trap the bees
  3. Place yellow cap partially over the white mesh
  4. Stick the CO2 injector nozzle through the white mesh and inject 5 seconds of CO2 into the canister
  5. Quickly remove the CO2 injector and seal the yellow cap on the canister, then wait 10 seconds
  6. Next flip the canister over with the yellow cap being on the bottom and carefully shake the bees up and down to dislodge any mites into the yellow cap
  7. After 15 seconds of shaking remove the yellow cap and count up your mites
  8. Pour a small amount of alcohol into the cap to kill the mites before they awake
  9. Remove the white mesh / filter piece and pour the sleeping bees back into the colony (they will begin to awake after they get fresh air)

CO2 Mite Check Injector Advantages:

  • Varroa Easy Check CO2 Injection system is easy to assemble and use
  • Fast process to sample the bees
  • Keeps the sample of bees alive
  • Uses standard CO2 cylinders
  • Research conducted in Europe indicated results similar in accuracy to an alcohol wash

Note that this CO2 varroa tester method does not kill the mites so be sure to dispose of the mites properly and do not put them back in your hive!

See the Veto-Pharma video on CO2 injection here – Varroa EasyCheck C02 Injection Video

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in