Api-Bioxal Oxalic Acid Varroa Mite Treatment


Api-Bioxal Oxalic Acid Varroa Mite Treatment is registered by the USDA and is approved by the EPA for the treatment of varroa mites in honey bee colonies.

Application Methods for Api-Bioxal

  • Apply using the dribble treatment method.
  • It can be used in an oxalic acid vaporizer
  • For use in oxalic acid vaporizers, 1g of Api-Bioxal is recommended for the treatment of one hive.

Available in 350g size.

Note: Api-Bioxal can only be shipped to a physical address and not to a PO BOX.

The label is also very clear, “Oxalic acid is used to treat colonies during low brood periods, packages, or swarms.” If it is being used when there is appreciable amounts of brood in the hive, this is a violation of the label. I have heard of beekeepers using oxalic acid multiple times, often three or four successive applications – a week apart, to attempt to control varroa as mites emerge with the bees from the brood. Research shows that even repeated applications of oxalic acid by dribbling / trickling up to four times do not necessarily lead to a sufficiently high treatment efficacy.

Oxalic acid (Api-bioxal) can be an effective varroa control when used properly and there is little, or no brood present. However, safety is an important issue for beekeepers, and proper precautions must be taken to prevent injury by the applicator.

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Weight 8 oz