ApiLife Var


ApiLife Var is an alternative product for Varroa treatment. Up to 94% efficacy, most effective when the temperature is on average 65°F (18°C).

ApiLife Var Treatment Rates:

  • Three applications are necessary at 7-10 day intervals
  • When treating using 3 wafers per colony
  • 10 pack will treat approximately 6 colonies
  • 100 pack will treat approximately 66 colonies

In addition to its efficacy up to 94%, ApiLife Var results in the lowest loss rates among all natural products used in the U.S. for 3 years [National Management Survey – Bee Informed Partnership – 2015], and thus is recognized as the best natural alternative against varroa.  Registered in 35 countries, and is the thymol-based product market leader in Europe.

There are three main advantages using ApiLife Var to naturally control your varroa mite infestation:

  • Presents a reduced dosage of thymol in each application, which decreases side effects and winter mortality, without a loss of efficacy.
  • Api Life Var allows a best release of thymol per contact in addition to evaporation. As result, the efficacy is improved by a better release of active ingredients.
  • With Api Life Var, there is no need for extra space to install the treatment on top on the frames!

See the following ApiLifeVar brochure for more information OR check out this How to use ApiLife Var Instructional video

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Note: If you are ordering medication in advance, please contact us to determine the manufacture / expiration date of our current inventory.

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10 pack (20 wafers), 100 pack (200 wafers)