SuperDFM Extend Probiotic


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SuperDFM Extend Probiotic for bee feed is the newest advancement in probiotic coverage.   Compatible with liquid feed!   Made of 3 hardy Bacillus bacteria, Extend is tough enough to be added to liquid bee feed.

The 3 Bacillus bacteria in Extend specialize in controlling pathogens, mold, fungi like Chalkbrood and Foulbrood.

Add to supplemental feeding to increase protection.

SuperDFM Extend Probiotic Feeding Options:

Use 5g. / 1.5 teaspoon (1 scoop) per hive

  • 5g. per gallon of bee feed
  • 5g. per pound of pollen substitute
  • Dust powder over the top of the brood frames

Add to Supplemental Feedings

  • During spring buildup and splits
  • Before stressful events
  • 7-10 days after antibiotic treatments
  • No overheat (130°F)

SuperDFM Extend Probiotic Ingredients

Ingredient Statement: Sucrose,

Dried Bacillus subtilis fermentation product,
Dried Bacillus licheniformis fermentation product,
Dried Bacillus pumilus fermentation product,
Dried Bacillus subtilis fermentation extract.
Guaranteed Analysis
Total Bacillus Count (minimum):
7.5 Billion CFUs per serving
(B. subtilis, B. licheniformis, B. pumilus)

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100 applications, 500 g, 2000 applications, 10 kg