Raw Beeswax Blocks


Raw Beeswax Blocks for use with candles, coating frame foundations or hive equipment, furniture slides, etc.   This is raw beeswax harvested from our honey extracting process.

Wax Features:

  • We filter the wax through cheese / strainer cloth
  • However, there may still be some debris remaining in the wax
  • The color of the blocks will vary from one batch to the next
  • We are able to match up the “wax color” on an order but cannot guarantee a match between different orders

Raw Beeswax Blocks are available in 1 oz and 1 pound blocks.   Larger size blocks are available – call for details.

To make your own beeswax blocks see our beeswax bar molds.


Weight 12 oz

1 oz block, 1 pound block