HiveGuard Wax


SPECIAL END OF 2023 YEAR HIVEGUARD PRICING @ $2.30 per pound in any quantity!!! If you need a larger quantity of HiveGuard wax reach out to us with your order questions / quantity and we will get back to you.

HiveGuard Wax is a proven proprietary blend of paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax and a special additive for enhanced performance of the dipping formula. HiveGuard™ replaces “unfriendly” chemicals such as rosin, solvents and paints to provide superior performance.    Wax blocks are available in several quantities to accommodate dipping a small number of bee hive boxes all the way up to hundreds.

If you are looking for already wax dipped equipment click here.

HiveGuard Specifications:

  • Paraffin wax
  • Microcrystalline wax
  • Special additive for enhanced performance of the formula
  • Maintains flexibility to prevent cracking
  • Wax formulation complies with FDA regulations
  • Formed into 11 pound wax blocks for ease of melting (pallet quantiles available)
  • Each 11 pound HiveGuard wax block is approx. 19″ x 11 3/4″ x 1 1/2″

Instructions for bee hive wax dipping using Hive Guard wax:

  1. Prepare the area around your hot wax dipping tank and remove all flammable materials
  2. Utilize appropriate protective gear for high temperatures for hands, face and body
  3. Have fire safety items on hand in case the wax catches fire
  4. Fill wax dipping tank with appropriate amount of HiveGuard wax
  5. Apply low heat to the tank and once a pool of melted wax has formed at the bottom increase the heat level
  6. Bring wax up to a temperature of 320 degrees F, constantly monitor the temperature during the heating process and adjust if necessary
  7. Carefully dip boxes in melted Hive Guard wax solution being careful not to splash:
    • for new dry equipment a dip time of 3+ minutes will impregnate / saturate the wood
    • for used equipment with higher wood moisture content a dip time of 10+ minutes is required to boil the water out of the wood and sterilize the surfaces
  8. Remove the bee hive equipment to a drip pan and allow it to cool
  9. Paint can be applied to the equipment while the wood is still hot
  10. Add more wax to the tank as the boxes are dipped – approx 1/2 pound of Hive Guard wax is absorbed per deep 10 frame box
  11.  Stack pieces and repeat

For information on our Wax Dipping Days which take place at our Minooka IL apiary click the link.

For more information on the manufacturer of the HiveGuard™ product click this Canada Wax Corp link.

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11 pound block, 4 x 11 pound blocks (44 pounds), 210 x 11 pound blocks (1 pallet @ 2,320 pounds)