Hot Wax Dipping Tank for Beehive Equipment

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Hot Wax Dipping Tank for Beehive Equipment consists of a carefully designed stainless insulated inner tank as well as a stainless support structure.   The unit includes a stainless lid which includes dipping legs to keep beehive equipment submerged in the hot wax.   The lid when open rests against backstop supports so it is easy to reach.   The bottom portion of the tank sits on a stainless plate which supports a burner (not included) and also the 2 rectangle tube feet.   The wax dipping tank feet are sized to allow fork truck access as well as hand pallet jack access for moving the wax dipping tank around when fully loaded with hot wax, cooled wax or empty.

We recommend using HiveGuard wax for all your beehive equipment dipping tasks.   You can read more about HiveGuard wax here.   If you don’t have time to dip yourself consider attending one of our Hive Woodenware Equipment Wax Dipping Days or purchase already wax dipped equipment that is ready to go.

Hot Wax Dipping Tank Specifications:

  • Tank is assembled completely of stainless steel
  • Inner hot wax dip tank is 12 GA stainless steel
  • Outer portion of tank is 16 GA stainless steel
  • Insulated portion of dipping tank is rated at R-3.8
  • Bottom floor plate where burner sits is 12 GA stainless
  • Lid backstop to support the opened tank
  • Full length hinge on the tank lid
  • Hot wax dip tank holds 3 deep hive boxes for dipping at once (with 1 beehive equipment box stacked inside the others)
  • Has a 1″ stainless drain valve at bottom side of tank for removing liquid wax
  • Holds approx 400 pounds of HiveGuard dipping wax
  • Designed to utilize a 12″ high 200,000 BTU burner  ( optional burner pictured in photos is not included )
  • Rectangle tube “feet”  are stainless steel 3/16″ thick and spaced to allow hand pallet jack access or motorized fork truck access
  • Optional 4″ heavy duty casters can be added to this tank (optional casters not included)
  • Empty tank weighs approximately 400 pounds

Hot Wax Dipping Tank for Beehive Equipment Dimensions:

  • Inside tank wax compartment dimensions: 21″ x 21″ x 29″
  • Overall tank dimensions to bottom plate: 24″ x 24″ x 42″
  • Opening in bottom burner compartment is: 16.5″ x 12.5″
  • Rectangle openings for pallet jack access: 5″ x 8″ with 27″ typical spacing for forks
  • Footprint of entire unit including tube feet : 29″ W x 24″ D x 46″ H

These tanks are custom built by the Meyer Bees team here in the USA.   If you need customizations let us know.   Please support our local steel fabricators.

This is a large tank and ships on a pallet via truck – contact us to receive a freight quote.   Two tanks can be shipped on one pallet and provide some freight $$ savings.  Tanks can also be picked up from the Minooka IL location.