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This Wax Beehive Equipment is impregnated with HiveGuard wax which is the premier wax dipping solution.   This hot wax dipping process for beehives has been time tested in Canada, Australia, USA and other countries for over 20 years and some hive equipment is now approaching 25 years of use and is still looking great!

Hot wax dipping bee boxes eliminates the typical rot that takes place with painting over time as the paint breaks down.  The dipping of beehive components in hot wax can be applied to: hive boxes, bottom boards, top covers, spacing shims and any other wood components that would normally be painted.   Even pallets used in migratory beekeeping can be hot dipped.

Pieces of wax beehive equipment that are hand wax dipped at the Minooka IL apiary using HiveGuard have many advantages:

  • New commercial grade pine wood equipment is assembled
  • Long wax dipping times allow 100% saturation of the wood
  • After dipping the waxed beehive wood will no longer absorb moisture so will not rot
  • Nicks and scratches in the wood do not degrade the protective properties
  • HiveGuard wax is FDA approved for food contact and totally safe for honey production

If you already own woodenware beehive equipment and wish to have it hot wax dipped reach out to us about one of our Wax Dipping Days.   On these days you are able to bring your beehive equipment (new or used / painted) and have us hot dip it for you extending the durability of the equipment out many years!

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Assembled Medium Wax Dipped Box, Assembled Deep Wax Dipped Box, Solid Bottom Board, Screened Bottom Board, Top Cover


8 Frame, 10 Frame