Apitherapy Self-Closing Tweezers


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Apitherapy Self-Closing Tweezers are a special versions of tweezer that hold the bee so you don’t have to.   Perfect for Bee Venom Therapy, they work in reverse and when releasing the tweezer grips they stay closed with a slight pressure.  When you squeeze them they OPEN and when you don’t squeeze they GRIP / CLOSE so you can place the bee where you need to sting. 

Apitherapy Self-closing Tweezers features:

  • Blunt tips are aligned for accuracy
  • Available in straight form
  • Available in angled form
  • Stainless steel
  • Approx 4.7″ long

See Apitherapy Bees to purchase live bees.

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Straight tip, Angled tip