Royal Jelly Collection Device

Royal jelly collection device used with honey bees to extract the royal jelly from queen cells.

Royal Jelly Collection Device Features:

  • Self contained unit in protective aluminum case
  • Very easy to use with simple operation and collection steps
  • Can be powered from a 12 volt cigarette lighter port or 12 volt battery (batteries not included)
  • Easy to clean

Queen Cell preparation tips:

  1. In order to maximize the amount of bee royal jelly you can collect you will typically start with a frame of queen cells
  2. There are many methods to rearing queens cells and the Doolittle – Scientific Queen Rearing method works well for raising large numbers of cells at the same time
  3. The queen cells cups should be 2 to 3 days old and filled with royal jelly (this will maximize your royal jelly collection efforts)
  4. Royal jelly should be refrigerated or frozen immediately after collection
  5. See our queen rearing kits for the tools you would need to create queen cells with collectable royal jelly