Bee Venom Collection Machine

Bee venom collection machine is a device that stimulates the bees to deposit sting venom on a glass plate that can be dried and collected.   It is strongly recommended to wear proper protective gear when operating the bee venom collection machine.

Bee venom collection machine device features:

  • Self contained unit in protective aluminum case
  • Very easy to use with simple operation and collection steps
  • Fully adjustable shock time and delay time
  • Powered from 12 volt cigarette lighter port or 12 volt battery (batteries not included)
  • Durable glass venom collection plate can be used over and over
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not kill the bees and simply allows the collection of the honey bee venom

Bee venom collection steps:

  1. Suit up with protective gear
  2. Place your 12 volt DC power source next to the candidate hive for venom collection
  3. Orient and prep connections for the power connector, control box and collector plate
  4. Place the venom collector plate on the bottom board entrance in a position where the bees will walk over it when entering and/or exiting the hive
  5. Once all items are in place turn the unit on and observe the bee behavior
  6. Adjust settings for shock time and delay until proper bee stinging behavior is observed
  7. Allow the machine to run for the appropriate collection timeframe
  8. Carefully retrieve the collection plate and store it in a safe place while the venom dries
  9. Collect up all the equipment and move away from the hive
  10. After the venom has dried use a razor blade to scrape the dried bee venom into a collection vial for storage / use
  11. Collection vials should be refrigerated or frozen immediately

For further information on bee venom collection, history and uses see the following Bee Venom – Frequently Asked Questions article from the American Bee Journal, Vol. 136, No. 2, 1996, pp. 107-109.