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Mason Bee Cocoons (Osmia Lignaria) are for shipments East of the Rocky Mountains.

  • Store bees in a cool place that will stay below 50F
  • Set bees out in attic of mason bee chalet house as soon as spring weather has started and the first plant blooms appear (typically March 1).
  • One pack of 20 Eastern Mason Bees will pollinate about 2-3 orchard trees or early blooming crops.
  • Includes Loose Cell Mason Bee cocoons in introduction cardboard box.
  • Optional humidity box available.

Several size packs of cocoons are available.  You typically should have around a 1:1 cocoon to nesting reed / nesting block hole ratio or less.  Example a 50 pack of cocoons would be appropriate for a 48 hole nesting block.   You could go with a smaller cocoon quantity but the bees may not fill all the nesting spots by the end of their season.


20 pack, 40 pack, 100 Pack