Leafcutter Bee Cocoons (Megachile Rotundata)


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Leafcutter Bee Cocoons (Megachile Rotundata) contains 100 pack of bee cocoons in a storage / release box.   These leaf cutter bees would be for the 2024 summer season.

One release box (or tube) filled with garden leafcutter bee cocoons (includes approx. 100 bees).
Fits inside the chalet house attic.

Care Instructions/Set-up for Leafcutter Bees:

  • Store cocoons in a cool place that will stay below 50F
  • When you plant your garden put your bees out
  • Place bees in the chalet house on the side of a shed, barn, etc.
  • Make sure to secure the bees/leafcutter blocks or nesting reeds so they are facing south-southeast.
  • It will take 3-5 weeks for the bees to hatch (they will begin to emerge when temperatures are consistently above 70F so plan accordingly)

Enjoy bees all summer long!!

For early spring bees take a look at mason bees.

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