Mason Bee Clay


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Mason Bee clay for spring mason bees that use moist clayey mud to protect each nesting chamber and female mason bees prefer clayey mud, not just clay or wet dirt.
Without the proper mix of clayey mud the mason bees will leave your area to find a source somewhere else.
From the volcanic ash that was left from the formations of the Rocky Mountains, this Mason Bee Clay is a great source of clay for the bees because it holds its form after drying. We advise using this clay if you want to help the bees maximize their reproduction capacity by keeping this clay moist and about 25 feet away from the bee house. This will put less stress on the bee because it will not have to fly as far to find the right type of clay, allowing the bee to spend more time in the flowers pollinating.
One bag supports approximately 100 female mason bees
Approximately 1/2 pound bag for mixing, packaging may be different that the one shown

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in