Beehive Inner Cover Insulation Pad


Beehive Inner Cover Insulation Pad is placed between the inner cover and the telescoping cover.  Combine a honey bee cozy winter hive wrap with the inner cover insulated pad to provide extra insulation layer surrounding the entire hive.


  • helps the colony conserve heat and food reserves to improve their chances of surviving harsh winters
  • approx 2″ when fully expanded – add a spacing shim to the top of the hive to provide room for the insulation pad to expand
  • Available for: 8 Frame and 10 Frame bee hives

NOTE: Keep the Beehive Inner Cover Insulation Pad in the protective bag. Do not remove the insulation from the poly bag!

Produced by NOD Global Apiary Products.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

8 Frame, 10 Frame