Honey Bee Cozy Winter Hive Wraps


Honey Bee Cozy Winter Hive Wraps for sale!  They have been helping colonies come through the winter strong and ready for honey production for over 23 years. Bee Cozy provides one more defense to keep your bees healthier, longer and healthier bees are more productive. Lightweight and easy to slip on and off – the Bee Cozy is also easy to store from year to year.

Easy-to-use, UV-treated polypropylene bee cozy winter hive wrap contains environmentally friendly R8 fiberglass insulation wrap to provide the just-right bee hive winter insulating layer your bees need to winter successfully. A Honey Bee Cozy winter hive wrap insulates and protects your hives from freezing winter temperatures and acts as a windbreak in breezy locations. Use the Honey Bee Cozy hive insulation wrap in late fall to prevent unnecessary heat loss in your colonies.

For more information on how to apply a Honey Bee Cozy Winter Hive Wraps to your bee hive boxes see the following video -> How to Install the Bee Cozy Winter Hive Wrap

Nod Global Cozy Bee Hive Wrap Features:

  • Wraps your hive to add insulation and serve as a windbreak
  • UV-treated polypropylene wrap with environmentally friendly R8 bee hive insulation for the winter
  • Use in late fall to prevent unnecessary heat loss
  • Separate honey bee cozy winter hive wraps for sale for both 8-frame and 10-frame hives
  • Available in single and double heights for 10 frame equipment and 8 frame equipment
  • The bee cozy winter hive wrap is a one-piece insulating tube which simply slides over the hive boxes

To review the FAQ information on the beecozy bee hive insulation wraps click the following Bee Cozy FAQ link

bee cozy instructions

To download the cozy product pamphlet and instructions click here -> Bee Cozy Pamphlet OR Bee Cozy Field Guide

Produced by NOD Global Apiary Products.

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10 frame single height, 10 frame double height, 8 frame double height