Hive Butler Vented Lid


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Hive Butler Vented Lid is a game-changer!  Allows hive frame management tasks and swarm capture in one simple to use unit.   Take the Hive Butler with you to the apiary.  Let your Butler make your hive inspections soooooo much easier.  Keep your queens where you want them during inspections.  Bring swarms down with ease.

Hive Butler Ventilated Lid Works with:

Hive Butler Vented Lid Features:

  • The vented lid is used whenever live bees are inside of the tote.
  • The Vented Lid is made of Food-grade, BPA-free High Density Polyethylene.
  • USA made product, manufactured in Ohio.
  • You can clean your Lid with regular Dawn dish detergent is fine. Nothing caustic like bleach.
Weight 100 oz
Dimensions 20 × 26 × 2 in