Hive Butler Tote


Hive Butler Tote is the original honey frame carrying device — food-grade, BPA-free, heavy-duty tote, made in the USA.  Tote holds up to 10 Langstroth frames, from deeps to mediums to shallows, securely.   Comes with a solid lid.   The solid lid is designed to allow secure stacking.  Double clasps on each of the four handles keep everything safe, secure and clean!   For uncapping see the Hive Butler Uncapping Tank.

Hive Butler Tote Uses:

    • Frame Storage
    • Frame Transport
    • Swarm Collection
    • Honey Removal

The HiveButler Tote Features:

  • The Hive Butler is made of Food-grade, BPA-free High Density PolyEthylene.
  • USA made product, manufactured in Ohio.
  • Designed to accommodate all 3 sizes of LANGSTROTH frames. It will also hold the Dadant Jumbo Frame, although the frame does touch the bottom of the tote, the lid will fit correctly.  Hive Butler does NOT HOLD LAYENS FRAMES.
  • You can clean your Hive Butler tank with regular Dawn dish detergent is fine. Nothing caustic like bleach.
  • Includes the SOLID lid – vented lid available separately
Weight 400 oz
Dimensions 20 × 26 × 20 in