Ultimate Capping Slicer


Ultimate Capping Slicer is part of the most complete system for preparing honey frames for extraction – simple, clean, easy, affordable, safe and quick.

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Ultimate Capping Slicer provides no lost honey.
Less honey need to rebuild comb.
Handles shallow and medium frames; wood or plastic
12 slicing teeth glide through capping without missing cells.
Micro Etch finish on slicing blades to minimize sticking.
Only 3 passes for medium frames; wood or plastic.
Quick, Clean, Easy and Fast
Does not damage comb or create excessive wax.
Regular/Deep slicer teeth option
Side guides to control depth of slice.
Built in Blade with Wedge at back end to separate frames.
Handle keeps slicing teeth above table when not in use.
Proudly ‘Designed, Engineered and Made in USA’.
Patent Pending.

Simple Operation:

  • Tool stays in hand; no putting down or picking up
  • Use blade to separate frames.
  • Lift frame with tool in hand.
  • Place frame in Frame Holder
  • Slice capping’s both sides.
  • Put in extractor.

** only includes Ultimate Capping Slicer **  see photo for how to combine and store the Ultimate Uncapper & Ultimate Capping Slicer tools together

Made in the USA from recycled materials by Bee Smart Designs.

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 1 in