Ultimate Uncapper


Ultimate Uncapper is the fastest, easiest, most affordable and convenient way to uncap frames without a mess using any 5-gallon bucket, including your bottling bucket.

Ultimate Uncapper holds medium or shallow frames while uncapping; No Drips/No Mess.
Works with any frames, Wood or Plastic, Square or beveled corners.
Fits any standard 5 or 6 gallon bucket, with or without strainer or filter bag.
Guides keep frames in position; no need for dangerous metal pin.
Rotate or flip frames to expose each side for capping removal.
Frame support with integrated funnel catches drips and holds frame.
Securely sits on bucket thanks to deep ribs.
Fits over filter bags and most bucket-top strainers.
Stores easily in bucket and ready for use anytime; saves space
Proudly ‘Made in USA’ with Technopolymers for long life and durability.
‘Ready 2 Use’™: no parts to lose and no assembly.

Beveled Support Tray Allows for Flexible Working Positions and Frame Control:

  • Tip frames forward.
  • Tip frames back against rest.
  • Hold frames vertical.
  • Cut Up (bottom to top) or Cut Down (top to bottom)

** only includes Ultimate Uncapper **  see photo for how to combine and store the Ultimate Uncapper & Ultimate Capping Slicer tools together

Made in the USA from recycled materials by Bee Smart Designs.

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 3 in