Ultimate Duo – Hive Cover and Insulated Inner Cover


Ultimate Duo combines the Ultimate Hive Cover and the Ultimate Insulated Inner Cover to create the “Ultimate” topping on your hive!

Ultimate Hive Cover

  • Double wall construction with dead air zone insulates hive.
  • Keeps hive cooler in summer & warmer in winter
  • Built in drip edge keeps hive and hive components dry for longer life.
  • Exclusive ‘Soft Edge’ design eliminates all sharp edges; easy on fingers.
  • Fits all 10 frame equipment with optional 8 frame adapter.
  • Technopolymer construction will not rot; resists sticking from propolis.
  • Lasts longer than wood and never needs painting; maintenance free.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle; weighs only 3 pounds.
  • Internal structural ribbing to support hive body when upside down.
  • Can be filled with spray insulation for improved temperature control.
  • Flat top supports rock or brick; can be strapped to hive.
  • White shade looks good with any hive and reflects heat; cool to the touch.
  • No assembly required; ready to use.
  • Textured, scratch resistant, surface looks neat and clean all of the time
  • Made in USA with recycled materials

Passive Ventilation System:

  • Improves airflow for more honey production
  • Eliminates moisture for healthier bees
  • Keeps hive cooler in summer
  • Prevents robbing by blocking top entrance in inner cover

Ultimate Insulated Inner Cover

The Ultimate Inner Hive Cover reduces energy demand for healthier and happier bees that produce more honey and over winter more successfully. Multiple wintering entrance options to fit any apiary need. Part of a complete modular/component system of beekeeping products.

Discover the last Inner Cover you will ever need with features to meet the needs of any beekeeper. Patent Pending Insulation System keeps hives cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter for a more controlled and natural environment. Reduces energy demand for healthier and happier bees that produce more honey and over winter more successfully. Part of a complete modular/component system of beekeeping products.

Features and Benefits

  • The only complete Insulated Inner Cover system available.
  • 2” R-10 Insulation helps reduce colony energy demand.
  • The year round Inner Cover that reduces stress on the bees.
  • Helps retain heat in Winter and keeps condensation on outer walls.
  • Helps minimize heat gain in the Summer for less stress and lower water demand.
  • 8-frame/10-frame compatible, works with any 10-frame cover
  • The last Inner Cover you will ever need.
  • Virtually indestructible.
  • Never Needs painting
  • ‘Ready 2 Use’
  • High density EPS foam does not degrade or absorb water; maintains R-value
  • Large 1.5” diameter center hole for ventilation and feeding.
  • Maintains more uniform hive temperature for less stress on bees.
  • Designed based on principals of Darwinian beekeeping.
  • Works great with Ultimate Cover, Bottom Board and Feeder.
  • Supports 10-frame box or hive top feeder
  • Accepts Bee Smart ® Ultimate Universal 3-Season Feeder
  • Multiple Upper Entrance options included.
  • Center hole vent cap to seal hive included.
  • Security pins keeps Insulated Inner Cover from moving.
  • Storage compartments for Bee Smart parts; no more worrying about lost parts.
  • Accommodates candy board, quilt box, mountain camp feeder and fondant.
  • Smooth edge design; no sharp corners.
  • Universal soft White color looks great with any color hive bodies/supers.
  • Includes quick hive tool access points
  • Domed inner surface allows bees to move freely; has room for pollen patty.
  • Domed inner surface directs any condensation to outside edge; no dripping on bees.
  • Ultra-tough Technopolymer construction will not rot or decay like wood.
  • Virtually maintenance free; resists sticking from propolis.
  • ‘Made in USA’, completely Recyclable.

See the detailed instructions here -> Bee Smart Design Science Behind an Insulated Inner Cover

Additional details on the Ultimate Duo product can be found on the Bee Smart Design website.

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions N/A

8 Frame, 10 Frame