Unassembled Commercial Grade Hive Boxes – Deeps, Mediums & Shallows


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Unassembled Commercial Grade Hive Boxes Deeps, Mediums & Shallows are durable, unassembled 5 FRAME, 8 FRAME or 10 FRAME beehive boxes that provide functionality and structure for your hive.   Putting together unassembled hive boxes is simple with the help of our easy to use instructions so you can get your hive up and running fast. We carry premium commercial grade unassembled beehive boxes that are sure to last you for many years to come. The boxes we carry range in sizes and include shallow commercial-grade options, select grade options, and many more. Whether you’re a professional beekeeper or just starting out, our unassembled boxes are perfect for you. See the difference in quality with our beehive boxes.

Unassembled Commercial grade is our most popular grade.   Tight, solid knots, small pitch pockets and small, tight cracks are acceptable for this grade. Imperfections that interfere with the structure and functionality of the box are not accepted.   All boxes are pre-cut and pre-drilled for easy of assembly and no splitting of wood during assembly.

Black knots larger than a quarter dollar are not acceptable. Fingers and rabbet ears must be free of knots. Knots with cracks going all the way through, as long as the knot is solid are acceptable. Small knots in the hand hold are acceptable, unless in the thin part of hand hold. Black edge knots or planer skips with½” (1.27 cm) the thickness or less can be missing from the top or bottom of the board.

Nails not included. See related products below.

Unassembled Commercial Grade Hive Boxes:

  • Deep boxes use 9⅛” frames and 8½” foundation
  • Medium boxes use 6¼” frames and 5⅝” foundation
  • Shallow boxes use 5⅜” frames and 4¾” foundation


10 Frame


16¼” x 19⅞”


8 Frame



14″ x 19⅞”


9 5/8″ X 19 7/8″


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5 frame, 8 frame, 10 frame


9 5/8" deep, 6 5/8" medium, 5 5/8" shallow


single box, 5 pack