Starter Finisher Box


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Starter Finisher Box is used in the starting or first phase of the Doolittle method of raising queens. It is prepared by shaking in about 5 lb. of nurse bees from colony frames containing open brood.

  • Pollen and nectar frames are provided and the grafted larvae are added a few hours later
  • Nurse bees start the cells, which are transferred in 24 hours to the “starter finisher box” colony
  • One well stocked box will start about 100 queen cells
  • The ventilated bottom section allows  excess heat to escape as the queen cells are drawn out
  • Add a sugar syrup soaked sponge to the bottom compartment to “fuel” the queen cell building process
  • Add a pollen patty to the box to increase the amount of royal jelly stored in each cell
  • Holds 5 deep frames

The use of the starter finisher box is described in Successful Queen Rearing by Marla Spivak and in many other queen rearing texts.

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 12 in